Oct 18, 2009

Yay, I'm no longer talking to myself!

     I would like to thank Stacey and EqyLlzQ_yu67HbR3E9Q9YRzElzgx1g8-, whose unique name I will never remember, for being the first two people to follow my blog.  That means I can no longer just ramble on and on about anything without regard to decency and society...  Or can I?  Either way, it's nice to talk to an audience of any size besides 0.

     Well as I stated the intent of I visited parents and returned home with everything I came for (except a Pur filter as they use Brita) and more fruits and veggies than I know what to do with.  The weather finally went back under 80 degrees yesterday thus officially marking the beginnings of the fall-like non-season here in the most southern state.  As befits a lifer from Florida I was enraptured and then uncompromisingly cold. I mean, it is according to WUnderground 54.4 degrees.  In October none the less!  At least a third of the emotion stuffed in that last sentence was sarcasm although the rest may have been something near confusion and dismay.  Other great thing is I came back with a tin of Darjeeling tea to make constantly.  My first pot was amazing and reminded me to start working on Halloween costumes, which I mostly haven't.

     The hushand's costume has already come together a bit as he now has a ninja mask and I am providing a white lab coat.  That's right, what an amazing guess, he's Dr. McNinja!  I'd give a prize but it would probably be squash or something right now. 

     One last note here before my eyes cross completely: the earrings in the header up top here were made by a friend of mine Laura and I want to thank her here again because they have encouraged me to keep up a blog and be proud of it.  So thanks Laura!

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