Dec 30, 2009

Karmatic revenge; rather, a bad cold

I'll upload some pics of family and events tomorrow when we return home and I am out of work. Some unexpected friends are appearing tonight, in fact in a few minutes.

I have come down with a sudden cold, stuffy nose and achy head all abound. I'm hoping the coffee shop we head to will help clear my head. If not a good night sleep is exactly what I need.

Saw Julie & Julia with parents and I must say it was great. I love cooking as always and watching both Julie's and Julia Child's story was worth the aching head and the voracious need to make delicious foods. I should lose 30 pounds so that I can wear more skirts and aprons. It leads me to wistfully desire making food with quality ingredients and the desire for meat. But I have neither so I hope my cheap ingredients can at least make me something good. Oh well.

More to come on me tomorrow. Also, I think that driving back tomorrow will finish off Ringworld, so I will give a synopsis on the plot and my opinion after work. Also, let's see if that will make the title in italics. Damn macs.

Dec 29, 2009

month long hiatus ended!! Old-time headliners back in style!!

     I am only going to explain my absence in one way: retail hell + final exams + ninja clan wars = busy Kai.

     OK, maybe not so much on the ninja clan wars, more like the ninja world wars.  No really. OK, it was exams for a week (where I ended up with 12 hrs of sleep for five days) and then closing at work so late that I woke up just in time to drag myself back to work.  Tad did come back for the holiday season and is staying through late January, so despite everything I am happy and still exhausted.  ::happy::  See?

     Christmas was good and kinda sad at the same time: we visited four, count that four! houses of relatives.  We visited my brother and my niece at their house but it seems the only thing two year-olds want is a Zhu Zhu pet and a coloring book.  Not bikes (which she got) and not just about any other toy, just coloring books.  Next year I'm going to get her crayons and I will be the best auntie ever.  Muahahaha.

     As for my present list?  I did get a new camera which was desperately needed as my old one won't even turn on now.  Best part is it has image stabilization so my crappy shots?  Not anymore.  Yay!!  Also, Tad is getting a couple of pots for his dorm's induction stove top which the in-laws are sending up to him once spring semester starts up.  That will save us lots of money on shipping. 

     I did get these awesome new sheets from sissy.  I finally have something to match the bedset (from IKEA).  Tad's napping away there, and in the corner you can see The Hour of Our Death, which I'm still trying to get through.  In note for other books, I got grandma's old Brother Cadfael books, which is only five in total but all ones I haven't read. 

     Lastly, listening to Ringworld audiobook that Tad found and we're headed back to visit relatives while I have a few days off.  I'm hoping to show off a couple more pictures of everything going on over there.  See you later!