Dec 30, 2009

Karmatic revenge; rather, a bad cold

I'll upload some pics of family and events tomorrow when we return home and I am out of work. Some unexpected friends are appearing tonight, in fact in a few minutes.

I have come down with a sudden cold, stuffy nose and achy head all abound. I'm hoping the coffee shop we head to will help clear my head. If not a good night sleep is exactly what I need.

Saw Julie & Julia with parents and I must say it was great. I love cooking as always and watching both Julie's and Julia Child's story was worth the aching head and the voracious need to make delicious foods. I should lose 30 pounds so that I can wear more skirts and aprons. It leads me to wistfully desire making food with quality ingredients and the desire for meat. But I have neither so I hope my cheap ingredients can at least make me something good. Oh well.

More to come on me tomorrow. Also, I think that driving back tomorrow will finish off Ringworld, so I will give a synopsis on the plot and my opinion after work. Also, let's see if that will make the title in italics. Damn macs.

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