Jan 30, 2011

I'm leaving... In a Moving Truck

It doesn't harmonize quite as well as on a jet plane but there you have it.  I'm headed out of the state of Florida to the big city.  I mean, the really big city, New York New York.  Why? Why would I choose to go there?  Husband.  Also I got a transfer at work there so at least I will have something to do.  Plus it will help pay for everything.   Moving in three days.  I packed everything up but it looks like I have to parse it all down.  I have used the word parse every time I talk about this.  Parse it down, parse parse parse.  Worst of it is I've only said it once to each person I've talked to but I know I have been overusing it.  Ho ho, hum de dumm... Let's see, what have I been up to.  Oh right! Aprons.


     This first one was for a friend.  It's based off of Harley Quinn from the Batman comics and series.  Honestly I was bored one Tuesday and spent a good four to six hours just cutting and stitching and debating.  She loves it though and her sister, a very close friend of mine as well, has declared that it is in fact hers.  I was going to make a matching Joker one but I don't have the green to really make a good one.  I don't know how I would do it either but a matching set would have been awesome.  I'll put up an awful sketch of what I would probably do for the Joker one.  Just don't laugh too hard.  Ok, just don't leave me lame comments mostly.
     This one on the other hand, is a kitty apron.  Meow.  This one is for one of my closest friends and she loves cats.  A lot.  I made it mostly yesterday and stayed up til about 2 AM just to finish it.  Aww, I just realized I never put whiskers on the cat faces!  And now my sewing supplies are packed away.  Hmm.... maybe I will just do it anyways, I have nothing to do for the moment.So the fabric is the breeds of cats with paw prints and the cats are made to resemble some of B.'s kitties.  They are that strippey mottled cat look, hmm, which one is that.  Not really calico or tortoise. I haven't presented it to her yet so this is the first announcement, well, this and facebook.  But really, what am I supposed to do when people ask me to post up cute pictures of my craftings?  That's right, bend to their every whim.  Booya.

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