Feb 15, 2011

Oscar Wilde wrote a children's book

     So you may be thinking to yourself I wonder what Kai did for Valentine's Day.  You know, being in the Big Apple and all... but the truth is much less glamorous than you are imagining.  We made dinner from left overs although we did indulge a bit and eat some delightful nibbles (chocolate cigars) as already mentioned this weekend.  This is going to be the slow week while we finally get everything together.  Tad's schooling is picking up and we have a few events planned in the next few days but we'll see.

     The bathroom in the apartment we're staying in is an absolute horror.  There's mold growing all through the grout around the tub and it looked like no one had scrubbed it in months.  I've taken the task though of scrubbing in really well once a day now.  I've done it three days running now and it looks loads better.  I used scrubbing bubbles, white vinegar and some Formula 401 with bleach to get rid of the nasty ring inside the tub, bleach out the grout a bit and clean the tiles up.  It isn't a bad place to rent for a month or so but there is no way I could keep showering in that cesspool. 

     I also washed the delicates by hand and they are currently hanging (or laying flat in the sweater's case) on the empty bunk bed in the room.  It works fairly well as a drying rack although I think it is mostly the dry air leeching the water out.  I have done a whole load of laundry now, both at home and at the laundromat.  It was a nice place with an old Jewish lady complaining.  So in reality, just like Florida. :p

     I did realize it had been a good while since I had added my count to the 501 books list so I have amended this by reading The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde.  This is a series of moral stories by the famous writer/playwright for children.  Good read and a bit different than what I was expecting.  They have a sort of double quality to them I really enjoyed.  Not too much to say really but I would recommend you to read them just to say you have.

     501 books count: 55

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