Dec 27, 2011

Muppets movie madness?

    Err, not really madness.  Great movie though.  It received a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and even better the theatre by us had a 6 movie pass for $25.  Considering that a single ticket is $9 per person (with no discounts) that makes it cheaper than three movies.  So next on the list will be the Tintin movie.  What? Don't remember Tintin?  I kept calling the dog Tintin but he's Snowy, as Tad loves to remind me.  A few good friends of mine from Orlando are up in NYC with their little one and we're hopefully going to see them tomorrow evening.  Ohh! Maybe we'll go to the Doctor Who bar and play the trivia game!  Nah, maybe we'll go get some good Indian food.  Who knows!  We'll spend some good time together and I'll be happy and kinda cold-ish really.  Weather hasn't turned for the worst yet but I don't trust winter.  It'll snow here soon and then I'll die from frostbite and that'll show.. well... nobody.

     No new recipes, sadly but here's the coolest house in Dyker Heights.  It was recommended in multiple places to see the lights between 83rd and 86st St and 11th to 13th Ave over here in Brooklyn. 

     OK... well... I would show you that picture but I can't get the computer to read the card it's on.  Hmm.. I might update later if I get it working again.  ::poutyface::

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