May 9, 2011

Syllogism is a word

     I have done something besides work and read in the last week.  I volunteered in a garden with Target.  We only worked for about an hour, weeding and watering, but it was more than I had done in a long time.  It felt refreshing and I was able to ask some of the other volunteers what organizations were in the area.  New York Cares is one mentioned for its ease of access and range of opportunities.  This summer I plan on joining the group hopefully with Tad.  In fact, BAM, while writing this blog I already signed up for it.  Much easier than working with the Food Bank.

     Tad and I haven't been able to go on walks very often.  Why?  He is work work working his way through his PDQ which as far as I am concerned is his master's thesis.  I'm trying not to frustrate him much but I do feel a bit lonely.  It'd due tonight I think or tomorrow at class so he is right now working on the homestretch.  I will make this a quick blog because I have only promised myself an hour on the internet.  I wondered and worried a few years ago if I was addicted to the sweet glory that is immediate access to anything and everything but I since I am on maybe three times a week for a few hours at a time I know that any addiction I had is long gone.  I need to give a gift to a few of Tad's friends for graduation but I don't want to spend a lot.  I'm thinking books (do my preferences show?) and I have an idea for one of the two friends but not the other. 

     I claimed I would have pictures of family get togethers but I never took any myself.  Tad's graduation is this month, though, and my in-laws are coming up to see it.  I'm so proud of Tad and both Bryan and Diego, the friends previously mentioned.  They are all finishing their Masters in different but still equally hard areas.  Bryan is a non-profit like Tad and is part of Toastmasters, which is how I met him.  I feel so bad.  My good friend Melissa graduated just this past weekend I did not even notice!  Oh, woe to those who do not do well for their friends!  Now I have to remember to send her a card (and find a gift for her).  Which I want to!  Melissa, what should I give you!  Congrats on your diploma and hard work!!! Arrgg!

     So, what has taken up the majority of my day?  My book reading of course.  I need more books soon because I only have six left and I can finish most of them in a single day.  What should I get?  I think I might start on the mysteries.  No, maybe modern novels, I have to read quite a few of them.  I also have started a side list of other books to look into for when, you know, I have downtime and all.  ::sigh::  Books books books.  What have I read?  The Ornament of the World which is about Islamic and post-Islamic Spain.   I read The Wind in the Willows which I am fairly sure I watched cartoons about as a child.  I also finished Shikasta which is a great sci-fi book.  I'll talk about it later because for now I have to head home.  Must get some food in this ravenous belly of mine.  I'll be back on tomorrow.

     For those who are interested syllogism is deductive reasoning, versus inductive reasoning.  You know, like logic.

     501 books count: 71

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