May 24, 2011

Tad Graduated

     I'll come right out and say it. BAM! Tad has his M.S. in non-profit management.  We spent all weekend going to graduations and a few parties with more to come this week.  Here he is in his regalia.
  Great job Tad!  The hood is 'gold-yellow' according to the official descriptor and is four feet long.  The ceremony for once did not in fact run over, it was only an hour and forty-five minutes for a graduating class of over 1,000 students (I gave up counting after six hundred).  We went out to a locovore restaurant (as encouraged by the student speaker Chandler Griffith) Angelica's Kitchen over on the east side.  The restaurant was great with tons of interesting vegetarian choices.  Very eco and social justice friendly.  No coffee though they have an equivalent made of chicory, barley and other roasted grains.  Pricey but that's what you get for eating locavore.  Wait, what's locavore?  It's eating local food and buying from the local economy.  They get a lot of their stuff at the Union Square Farmer's Market which is a few streets up. I have been adding books under my belt here and there but I'm cutting this short (how sad) because my internet is horrible right now and I'm almost out of battery from emailing people Tad's graduation photos.   Hmmm...

     I would like to thank and congratulate everyone out there this month who have/will be soon graduated and hope all their annoying ceremony speeches were worth it.  After years of Sisyphean effort to finish papers, read publications and who knows what else there will soon be a piece of paper mailed to your house and maybe even put in a plaque.  Great job getting a piece of paper.  You deserve a rest.  You know, for like a week.
((I'll fix formatting tomorrow to match the others))
Angelica's Kitchen
300 East 12th Street (between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave)
Manhattan, NY 10003
(212) 228-2909

Result: Great but not everyday meals.  A bit pricey. (Eatable and justicy)

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