Feb 11, 2010

Quick Update for Vday

     I am horribly busy these days.  Work most nights and the others I am driving myself bonkers with homework problems.  Test tomorrow but I have a good two hours of studying done and another three hours to keep going.  The scarf is almost done!  Hurrah!  I have one more stripe and then the end and that will be it.  I hope to finish it tonight after work while listening to some amazing podcasts.  Tad should be getting a Valentine's Day box with his present and lots of baked goods tomorrow or the subsequent day.  I have started three separate books but none of which are close to being finished. 

     I did listen to a BBC audio drama of The Laxian Key one of the many books to be read on the 501 list.  It was done in a Hitchhiker's Guide style though so since the story was only produced in the Sci-Fi 'zines of the 50's and 60's I don't know if I will ever be able to read it.  Alas.  ::sigh::  That's really all that's going on.  In a day or so I will update the scarf pics and maybe I'll have finished a book.  You know, maybe.  Until then enjoy the cold weather!

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