Jan 30, 2010

The oldest Sci-fi I have read yet

     Well, I don't really count anything that doesn't use actual science as a sci-fi but since Journey to the Center of the Earth counts, I guess this one does too.  I have finished A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, which was written in 1881.  This is even before Mars was a big place to journey to.  The plot was simple, English pleasure-seekers find a manuscript out at sea and it tells the story of a man who goes to the South Pole and the "lost world" he finds there.  The best part about the book is that it analyzes itself.  The English gentlemen are learned and discuss the people the main character encounters, the flora and fauna and how factual this book is based on contemporary science.  It's hilarious to read how they prove all these creatures that Adam Moore (the shipwrecked explorer) are dinosaurs and lost avian species like the moa or even larger.

     Included in the book are illustrations that don't look like what I imagine them at all.  Also it seems that the dinosaur ages such as the Cretaceous etc are not created yet.  I'd give the example but I will have to recheck the book, which I already returned.  One drawback is that the people Moore meets are coarse and perverse in ways that offend the dignity of everyone (cannibalism, human sacrifice, etc) and then are named a split-off of the Semites.  A little unnecessary I think, but I didn't write it.

     The scarf, on the other hand, is currently past the halfway point and I'm very proud of it.  You could wrap it around your head about one-and-a-half times.  I just wanted to use the hyphens, sorry.  No picture though because I want to get this up but next time I will update a little more about me and a little less about a book no one reads anymore....  Ja!

     501 books count: 43

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