Jan 23, 2010

scarf 2: Revenge of the Knitted

((This is actually being updated three days after having written it.))

     Well, I've been enjoying my time with Tad rather than updating and spending time on the computer these last days (weekish really).  I read and digested The Fig Eater which was a good read but not something I'd pick up at full price.  Pretty much it was a murder mystery from multiple viewpoints that one side solved with logic and another with superstition.  Because women are superstitious.  Also, gypsies get screwed over in Austria-Hungary and actually just about everywhere and everywhen.  Sorry for that Romani, it's not you're fault and you deserve to be treated as everyone else. 

     With Haiti utterly ruined Tad and I wanted to help out with donations but I'm very skeptical after United Way uses some absurd percentage does not get directly used for disaster relief.  Tad found a site (look at my links) that evaluates known, established charities and give their exact services in Haiti and across the world.  We donated to Doctors without Borders which I think is an amazing charity that was already established there.  I hope you will do the same and help not only these people but all unfortunate people by supporting the organizations that already have the confidences of the people they work with.

     On to the main event!  My second scarf is getting longer and longer all the time!  Also, it is striped!  So without anymore introductions here it is:

    Tadaaaa!!!!  And I will be making a hat to match it as soon as I learn to purl.  Yay!

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  1. Looks excellent! Purling is easy (even though it gets the rep of being knitting's backwards sister). It's literally a backwards knit. You've got all the skills you need; you can do it :) And knitting hats are even more fun because unless you're doing details and fancy things, you don't need to purl at all because they're in the round. They're great mindless projects :)