Jan 4, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

     Saw the new Holmes movie today and I must say it was great.  Not blockbuster explosive action or sappy love drama shite but just plain deductive, quirky fun.  Definitely worth the matinee price, scratch that, worth a full movie ticket price.  If you like the books go watch, if you don't it's worth it to watch the bad jokes and the Holmseian logic go.  Also, kinda a gay vibe in there.  It's not obvious but it's there.  Tad and I were arguing about whether certain famous peoples had Aspberger's Syndrome, the very slight autistic disorder.  Generally for those who are geniuses (genii if you want) who are pretty much complete social 'dicks' as Tad calls them.  They cannot discern social norms like a normal person can, no cues and no understanding.  Also they have the idiosyncratic gestures of autism and the monomania.  So Holmes, Einstein, etc.  Ok, those are the two we were talking about specifically.

Edit: Hehe, I just noticed it looks like a smiley face!!

     Here's the scarf at the moment.  Also the second color of it.  Not very feminine but I'll try and make the yellow more decorative.  I joined Ravelry here to try and look up patterns and give me some focus on my projects.  I have no idea how long they are supposed to take me though.  Friends are over at the moment so I'm going to leave and update another time.

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