Jan 10, 2010

The awaited Ringworld review

     School starts tomorrow and I finally got some stuff for classes.  Took my sweet time, geez.  Raided the Good Will and found some great deals.   For 40 dollars we got a new book The Fig Eater which I vaguely remember at some point getting praise or not.  Tad got three new pairs of pants, two dress shirts, a casual shirt, plus a new suit jacket.  I got two fashionable jackets a new pair of work pants, a nice pair of slacks, a skirt and a nice shirt.  I need a new pair of shoes to match some of my nice clothes.  I'll probably go back and get another nice slacks and dig through their blouses.  It was a great haul though.

     Finished Ringworld finally.  Turns out that I only had about another five minutes left in the recording so it was a bit of a downer.  Good book, most definitely.  None of the characters really draw you in but you can identify both good and bad points of most of them.  They all have at least one point uncovered about them that opens their characters up except the main one, Louis Wu.  He doesn't change at all but you still like him so that's good.  The plot has a great twist in it and it fits drama rules: everything later used in the story is there to begin with.  It definitely twists things to let them be seen in a different light so it kept the story interesting.

     I'm trying to unravel a twisted yarn ball that is mohair and some crinkle thread.  I want to make a scarf Amy made on Ravelry with it for Sibly but it's a mess.  I will have to spend hours on it but nothing good is ever easy.  I hope to have it done for her birthday in March.  We'll see.  We'll see.

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