Mar 11, 2010

Spring Break in the Big Apple

     Well first off, for the scarf: it is done and complete. Gara now has it and if she wishes there will be pictures with her. I was trying to start the hat using purl stitches but when I do them they end up so very very tight! Not a good thing. So I have to take some time and get that figured out. Oh well, not quite yet.

     I just finished visiting my sister up near the Canadian border and that was wonderful. It's been almost a year since I saw her so even our little time together was great. Although I saw more movies in the last four days than in the last year I think. District 9, Princess and the Frog, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Zombieland, most of the Accused, some of Silence of the Lambs, hmm... missing one.. oh! and the Hurt Locker. I had already seen two of those but still, that is a lot of movies. Also I finally saw the amazing Wegmann's and it is worth its glory. That is definitely the largest grocery store I have ever seen. Great prices too. I'll actually check NYC doesn't have one sitting around here because that was a great deal.

     Now, however, I am in the cultural capital of America, New York New York. The only thing I know we have planned is a vegetarian Dim Sum this Saturday. I can't wait! Today I think we are going to the Met for some artsyness.

     I will be updating for the next couple of days because to get here I took a 7 and a half hour train ride across New York state. Which was horrible and I was surrounded by drunk businessmen. When did I enter Japan?!?! I lives through that with only a tiny half bottle of water and three granola bars. Which I want more of, btw, for the flight home. I finished off another book though, while I was stalled in random parts of upper New York. So tomorrow I give a synopsis of The Inverted World and maybe in a few days, when I finish it I will talk about the Foundation Trilogy by Assimov. Or just about NYC.

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