Feb 29, 2012

Cake pops!

     My crochet blanket is nearly complete.  I simply have to wash it and block it.  I was working on the trim but I have run out of yarn.  Three skeins of yarn later and voila, a blanket.

     At some point you can see where the pattern just dissolved but I don't think a newborn is really going to critique me about it.  I need to wash it, stretch it out and then mail it to the expecting mother!  Since you may read this blog post I won't be mentioning your name but congratulations.

     As for the shawl I'm working on...  Well, I had to pull out about two hours of work today because I dropped a stitch eight lines ago.  Lame.  Very very lame.  I had 200 out of 201 stitches.  Le sigh.  This was the first time I had to pull out quite so many lines so I was quite honestly very reluctant to do so.  Took me four days to work up the gumption and involved picking up and finishing the aforementioned blanket and a book or two at the library but I did it.  Picked up my stitches and getting right back into the swing on knitting.

     When you make a baby blanket everyone needs to know if you are pregnant or if you have kids.  It's a weird way to bring up the topic after I just mentioned I was making a blanket for a friend.  Everyone at work asks.  After I say no, not pregnant nor do I have any children they want to know why?  Why don't I just pop a baby out without regards to its future or well-being?  Because we can't afford a dog right now, not to mention a child.  Children mean more to me than just some duty.  If I can't give a child a good life I don't want one right now.  Don't tell Tad that though, I've been nagging him like crazy just for fun.

     What else have I done?  Cake pops.  Tori and I went cake popping Monday and made adorable, creepy cake pop figurines.  Even though mine started as a cupcake, it is definitely a duck.  Definitely.

     As you can see, the cake pop class was also in a yarn cafe.  Too bad it was so inconvenient to get to.  I'd like to shop there.  Ahh!  I don't need any more yarn yet!  Bad hoarding habits! Bad!

     Back to work and Toastmastering.  Enjoying the only intercalary day in the Gregorian calender by being grumpy and crampy.  Jaa!

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