Feb 15, 2012

February is the coolest month?

     What have I been doing?  Convalescence.  For nearly a month I have been holed up in my room like a crazy cat-lady shut in and doing nothing but watch Netflix and knit.  Also, I knit now.  And have picked up crocheting again.  Today I was supposed to make a Cthulhu but well, I bought a cupcake instead.  BAM.  Cupcake.  Would you like to see my last knitted project?  no?  Well BAM too bad.

     I made a scarf.

     Check out my Ravelry if you want the pattern.  It's cute, easy and most of all easy.  Nothing fancy to make a cute, fancy looking scarf.  My newest project is much more difficult.  My shawl is at 0% completion.  I'm kinda mad at it, honestly.  I may need a little more practice before I work on it.  Or maybe I need a different yarn... Yess, that's right.  I need tons of yarn that I can never use.  Yessssss...

     Why haven't I updated you may ask.  Kai, you have been sitting at home nearly every day for almost a month being lazy and at least coherent enough to type.  Right?  Right.  Well, I have made a few drafts.  They all look like this:

Draft 1:
     Why didn't I bring a scarf?!  My native Floridian blood keeps me from bringing extra clothing.  Umbrellas?  Nah, not if it's just this little sprinkle!  It'll end soon enough.  Scarf? My jacket has a collar and I can just hunch my shoulders.  Boots?  Hahaha, shoes dry.  On my way home from work last night I was worried.  The weather was running around 18 degrees and there was a wind blowing.  I had to walk 4 long blocks

Draft 2:
     While I love my sweet husband dearly I noticed as he wandered into the shower that his boxers are stretched out.  Why didn't he 

     As for my reading it seems the Kindle has in fact inspired me back into a reading frenzy.  Well, maybe not frenzy but still a reading storm.  Have you ever tiptoed your way through a novel because you want to savour it?  Whether it's because the storyline is intricate and you need to tease out every nuance or because the characters are so precious to you that you don't want to worry about how they are doing in the next (if there is a next) book.  The Last Unicorn was introduced to me years and years ago with the 1982 movie.  Maybe you remember it?

Draft 3:
     Yea I know I talked a bit about making New Year's Resolutions before but don't forget the Lunar New Years was just this week!  Err... no, Tad and I didn't go to the Chinatown Parade.  I think we both agree that being crushed would not be good for my throat.  My stitches are doing well and I see the doctor today for my post-op check up.  What?  I didn't mention an operation at all?!  Oh right, because I was panicking about it for the two weeks culminating in it.

     I had thyroid cancer.  It's still scary to say and think about.

     Err.. that's right, I still haven't mentioned this.  I had thyroid cancer.  Not quite so scary but that may be due to the fact that I already wrote it once.  Or twice or whatever.  Doing good these days.  Convalescence has given me all the strength back that I was missing.  That or the medicine has.  Go medicine.  I'm just getting back into communicating and all but I will start updating again.  Starting soon.  Maybe even tomorrow to talk about all the books (see draft 2) that I have been reading.  Promise. ::crosses fingers::

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  1. Love the scarf and our scarf pin! How's the blanket coming?