Feb 17, 2012

More knitting

     It seems I've developed a sliiiiggghhht obsession with tiny knitting/crochet patterns.  Went to the library yesterday and grabbed two books on amigurumi.  One is called Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi and the other is Yummi 'Gurumi.  So if I ever get a big box of yarn/scraps of yarn I will be making adorable tiny versions of things.  Like computers, gnomes, sushi boxes, or cakes!  I know you all want one.  I would too.

     I've ramped up my knitting habit and am jumping into the deep end with a shawl pattern.  I have already learned at least five major knitting skills with the pattern: reverse loop cast on, knitting front and back (kfb), knit two together (k2tog), casting on sideways, and make one stitch (m1).  Amazingly boring to the non-knitting crowd, as Tad will tell you.  You wanna see it? No?  Man I need to stop asking people and just do it.  Here it is, my shawl to be:

     Very large, I know.  I added a lot to even this tiny bit and am running at about 156?ish stitches in my row.  Looooonnnngggg time to finish anything.  Feeling lazy but I'm so proud of myself.  Maybe I'll do real work today.  Hah, yea, I laughed too.

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