Nov 8, 2009

An Embarrased Admittance

     Ok.  I admit.  I have now joined every 15 year old girl and read Twilight.  I can even see why they like it.  My biggest complaint is that it is written like an actual 15 year old wrote it.  The relationship is not real.  The main girl, Bella, is a Mary-Sue.  She comes to a town and everybody likes her and she doesn't see anyone.  She seems so self-centered and unrealistic.  She doesn't get moody or upset but and this still leaves me completely in disbelief, sacrifices her world so her mom can hang out more with a guy?  She was a freaking saint half the time.  The other half of the time she was an insipid, vapid moron.  I don't think she had a bad thought in her mind, geez.

     Doesn't Stephanie Meyers remember being 15?  I do.  There's a lot of drama shit going on everywhere with everyone and hormone changes.  The relationship is also a little creepy.  Edward, the vampire, is aggressive and controlling.  Also, there is no actual lust in the relationship.  I remember always thinking about kissing and Tad and all those things.  I feel like a virgin 15 year old with no real relationships wrote this.  She doesn't even make any real friends besides the vampires.  She also has no character besides her clumsiness.  She's intelligent, then not, she's brave, then not.  Nothing is definite about her.  It really cheezed me off. I'd read it if I was in high school but I don't think it's a must-read new classic.

     Really, has anyone who has read the book had a real relationship like Bella and Edward?  I mean Tad and I were chaste until marriage and even we were never as pathetic as them.  And yes, I think they were very very pathetic.

   On another note, I'm feeling better although still sniffly and all.  Just a head cold now and I'm doing my best to get past that.  Work is finally hitting the worst stage, fourth quarter.  New employees and everyone rushing everywhere.  If you aren't ready for the seasonal changes I'm afraid to tell you that they are already here.  I need to start thinking of presents for everyone.  Ah!

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