Nov 6, 2009

Weather Changes and Their Corresponding Sicknesses

     I have been out and about these last few days for more hours than I have been at home, making my days long and painful.  Tuesday was a normal day but Wednesday I had a quantum test!  Woo!  It was so bad that a good third of the class went straight to the only place on campus serving alcohol and started drinking.  Yea, so there goes my chance of a good grade.  After classes went out with Chris to dinner and then worked for an hour or so on PDE HW.  I still don't get how to find the zeros on a sine and cosine function.

     Today I went to PDE and then Chris and I drove to Gainesville to visit Hannah-chan.  I haven't seen my good friend in forever.  She now knits a lot more than she used to.  In fact, she can make socks.  I congratulate her on socks.  I can barely work on my quilt.  It seems Math grad level is more demanding than Tad's stuff as she has no time.  Or maybe it's the teaching thing.  In return, she didn't have to take out loans.  So, more time or more money, which is better.

     After a protracted lunch that was mostly waiting we returned to Orlando I headed off to work.  I have decided that I am getting ill.  My throat aches and I feel stuffy-headed and off-balanced.  Hopefully this will turn out coherent as I am not entirely willing to proofread this.  I get back the quantum test tomorrow but I do not want to.

     Thanksgiving is coming up faster than I'd like as is the return dates on a few of my books.  I still haven't been able to finish Age of Cathedrals and can barely make headway when I have time.  Twilight is due back soon as well but I don't worry about that.

     On a side note my jade isn't doing well.  The leaves are slowly blackening and falling off.  I think it's a lack of light.  I'm going to move it as soon as the entry is finished to the table where my sewing machine ends up at the window.  Don't die on me jade!  I love you!

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