Nov 17, 2009

Finally another off the list

     Well, finally finished with one of the books I'm reading.  Unfortunately, it is not Age of Cathedrals which is getting nearer and nearer to the end but instead Out of the Silent Planet.  This, as a quick reminder, is the C. S. Lewis sci-fi book written with Christianity built in.  I think it can be described as Narnia for adults.  Where the whole Narnia series was an indirect Christian allegory Silent Planet is instead an argument with a de facto Christianity.  Actually, there was no Christ in this instead just an argument for the existence of god.  Hmm..  I wonder if the other books in the series (of which there are in total 3) go on to argue the other tenets of Christianity.

     Ok, I cheated and read Wiki about it.  It seems it is a bit of an argument against space travel as, we being a fallen species, will only bring destruction and evil on the good, untouched Edens of God's universe.  The next book has something about Venus I guess.  I dunno. 

     I did find out that the reason books like this one, the Barsoomian Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, H. G. Well's War of the Worlds, etc have a dying Mars is because Lewell, some astronomer, misinterpreted results he got while looking at Mars' surface and said there were huge canals.  Obviously that means they were intelligently created and that Mars had these canals to drain water from the ice caps.  He was wrong on about all accounts but oh well, at least it was an attempt. 

     Well besides finishing this off and barely continuing anything else not too much has happened.  Worked more on my quilt but not much.  Did laundry and still haven't returned it to the closet.  Bought some dress patterns but want to lose some weight before I make anything.  Worked.  Worked.  Worked.

     Worst is that even after sleeping a full night I wake up exhausted.  I was trying to finish Silent Planet last night but I decided I was definitely too tired when my eyes closed and I was only woken up by the book dropping out of my hand.  Oops.

     Weather is still balmy and warm, highs in the lower 80s and lows in the 70s.  Nice for Florida but not cold.  Dammit.  Oh well, maybe for Thanksgiving.  Which should consist of my parents, me and maybe my niece.  She is two.  Not the greatest company.

Gonna work on some HW tonight before it is due tomorrow morning.  Then going to work on homework during the day which is due by 6.  Damn, physics sucks sometimes.

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