Nov 1, 2009


     Well it's been a few days since the last update but not too much has happened on major fronts.  Tad's home to visit for the weekend.  It's been hard, as usual, to get used to each other the first couple days and we had a bit of a fight this morning.  We're OK now I think but it's hard sometimes to readjust yourself back into your old habits.  I was making Tuscan eggs this morning but we misunderstood each other and I turned the "scrambled eggs" into more of a quiche.  Costumes were pretty good, OK, they weren't amazing but at least we had fun.  Tad was Dr. McNinja and I was Wendy from Peter Pan.  Laura was Dorothy and she made her own ruby slippers.
     Besides the quiche I made a caramel apple pie and two caramel apple tarts from the remains of the pie.  I didn't have some but everyone at the party did and they enjoyed it.  We had it pie a la mode style, vanilla ice cream!  Made Welsh Rarebit last night, very tasty as always and bought Newcastle beer to go in it.  Newcastle is one of the few I can drink and I blame the English as any type of beer on that island chain is just amazing to me.  Give me a Guinness any day!  Also watched Blade II which Tad pointed out (a lot) that in this movie the director realized the full point of Blade: to kill vampires in the most stylish way possible.  He constantly ignores the surest and quickest way to victory in order to have a more stylish moment in the film.  Plot holes abound and in the end nothing new was determined or discovered.

     I don't know if I mentioned in the last post, as I'm far too sleepy now to go look, but I am in fact working my way through a quilt for either myself or Tad.  I haven't quite decided.  I will add pictures next entry which should hopefully be tomorrow. 

     Still plodding my way through Age of Cathedrals although I've gotten at least half way now.  Also took out Twilight to see what all this huge fuss is about.  I may just read the whole thing in one straight shot so I can get through it as fast as possible.  The best descriptor of it seems to be that it is a Twinkie.  Well, give me a few days and I should have an answer to that assertion,.  Going to bed though as I've worn myself out with my crazy fun day.

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