May 26, 2010


     Well that book a week deal isn't going to work how I planned.  I'm still elbows deep into The Crystal World although it has yet to distinguish itself as either a modern novel or a sci-fi.  In fact it has, a good 120 pages into the 210 page book, yet to do anything but foreshadow itself directly.  While the ambiance has yet to inspire anything beyond a vague stirring of mysticism and unease the book shatters any real tension by stating the tension and literary devices.  If I was an English major I would write an essay just based on the direct quotes from the book.  'The weather foreshadows' blah blah blah, 'the light reflects' more blah blah blah.  Geez, there's nothing for the reader to do except read, no thinking necessary. 

     I'll finish up this week I hope and give a full report on the matter.  Let's hope the quality picks up quickly because it's a chore to work through.

     Went river tubing yesterday.  Unlike any other day in the last two weeks it was rainy and cool.  Of course it was.  It was chilly but tons of fun even if the route was less than a mile.  Kelly Springs has a nice swimming hole and the water was crisp and clear.  I'm glad I didn't bring my camera though, it would have been soaked.  Next time I will though.  We need pictures of that glorious day.

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