May 12, 2010

Iron Man 2: Tony Stark is an amazing jerk, part 2

     Name changing is hard work.  It's not like you just change your Social Securtity number or license and voila, everything is there.  There's the bank, the credit cards, car information and insurance, your job, any organizations you are a part of, blah blah blah.  Some of it just takes a phone call but my license was a journey in itself.  I needed my passport (or birth certificate), my social security card, my marriage license and two forms of residential identification.  Arrrg.  Because of the annoying living situation I am in I had to drag in my roommate and wait forever, as always at the government buildings. 

     I did see Iron man 2 last night.  That was amazing.  Since two-thirds of the movie has little to do with Iron man and robot battles I believe it would not be wrong to say that we watch the Iron man movies to see Tony Stark be a mad, drunken genius of an asshole.  Robert Downey Jr. pulls it off so well too.  He builds a particle accelerator in his basement.  Yea, that thing CERN built that was 12 km long? He did that in his basement using books and the freaking Captain America shield to steady it.  After accelerating the particle beam he shot it through a crystal matrix of some sort (a not-glass prism) and his a freaking triangle with the beam to create a new element!!!  That is the reason I got into science.  To make crazy tech that should break the laws of physics.  ::sigh::  If only I could do that.  You are my hero Tony Stark.

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