May 5, 2010

Mostly ranting

     So I felt good for a while today.  I went and got a cute dress, shoes and a purse.  For the first time probably since my wedding I felt feminine and strong.  Now I'm looking at our accounts for everything and we are running on empty.  This is not good.  We've just taken out money from bonds and we still have no money.  Heck, we seem to have less money than before we took everything out.  I have the research job but that will cover barely anything.  Should I try and make more money?  But I'm doing a lot here.  Tad and I are looking into loans for summer so he can go to Hong Kong but how much do we want to take out?  Just enough to cover or enough to have some money ourselves?  That's not greedy, right? Right?  I hope not because we don't have enough for car insurance and him eating and all.  I hate looking at these things.  We were OK for a while but his school is expensive and I keep regretting that we have to use this money every. single. month. for his schooling when we could just feel comfortable about ourselves with it.
     I'd rather he get this degree though, I think he needs it.  Arg.  Hopefully he'll get the scholarship from his school and we can just take out the same amount of money and actually get some.  It's bad when you max out loans and still have to pay for tuition from your own pockets.  Just some venting.  I'm worried about going to the lab tomorrow and it failing to work out again.  Also going to get my pesky driver's license changed, I suppose.  I'm in this odd transition between names and should I go everywhere and change it or do it slowly?  I dunno.

     In summary, ignore this.  Please.

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