May 6, 2010

Life is better in the turn lane (yea, I made it up)

     Smoothed out a lot of ruffled feathers today and straightened up my mental to-do lists.  Finally heard back from the professor, got lab keys and the information I actually need to do my job.  It was a bit unexpected, that.  I only expected the keys really.  Sent mom a Mom's Day card and bought an umbrella.  Rainy season here in FL started.  Also, it is going to take 5 separate forms of ID to change my driver's license.  That is so absurd.  Aarrg.  Oh well, I'm going to change it Monday since it took me five hours to determine that I do have a second form of acceptable ID that puts me at my parents house.  Yea. 

     This is for Brickney who graduate tomorrow morning: I love you guys and I'm so glad I can be there to watch you wear gigantic robes and silly hats.  Man, you don't even get to keep them, sucks to be you.  You put a lot of effort into a degree people will always be surprised to hear.  To you, my friends.  Hurrah.

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